Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Knitting On...

I never intended to have nearly 3 months between posts. Between work, kids, and school I have been on a one-way train to Crazyville lately, but that's really not an excuse, I don't suppose.

I have been "knitting on through all crises" as Elizabeth Zimmermann wrote, and I have been very prolific as far as hats go. There's just something about a hat, when the going gets tough, that soothes me. It is most likely the fact that there is only one, as opposed to a pair like socks or mittens, and also that gauge is not necessarily a big deal, since people and their heads come in a large variety of sizes. Here are the two I can find photos of:

Robin's Egg Blue Hat in Noro Kochoran. It's too big for me, but it was fun to knit, and the yarn is so soft and fuzzy, that I don't mind.

This is Frivol, in a stray ball of pink Cascade 220 that I had in the stash. This is a really fun, sideways pattern. With cables and bobbles and short-rows. I am sure I'll whip another one of these up sometime, it was so much fun. I also made a tam, and a great colorwork hat from Vogue Knitting, but the pictures are trapped in the broken camera...

My most ambitious project, and the one that I am the most proud of:

You see that outdoorsy, woodsman in the photo up there? Well, that's my husband wearing his big, warm, wooly sweater that I knit for him. I am gloating with pride that I followed Elizabeth Zimmermann's directions for a Seamless Saddle Shoulder Sweater, and that I persevered through miles of stockinette in order to complete an XXL size sweater to keep my man warm on a hunting trip. I have wanted to knit him a sweater since I first met him, when I was 16. It's probably a good thing that I didn't knit then, but I'm guessing the "sweater curse" does not apply after 17 years of marriage.

The details:
Pattern: Seamless Saddle Shoulder/Brooks Sweater, from EZ's Opinionated Knitter/Knitting Workshop/Knitting Without Tears. (I referred to all of those books while knitting it, but you could knit it with just one of them, I'm sure.)
Yarn: 9.5 skeins of Bartlettyarns Sheepswool 3-ply (from Schoolhouse Press) in Dark Sheeps Grey, which is actually brown. This is thick, wooly, slightly oily yarn, that feels a little scratchy while knitting, but after I washed it, it feels much softer. It is seriously warm and sturdy, and I'm sure this sweater will last for years.
Needles: Size 10 US. A 40" and 24" circular, also from Schoolhouse Press. I got 3 1/2 stitches to the inch.

All I can say about this pattern, is just to TRUST Elizabeth and do what she says. It will look strange sometimes, and you will want to argue, but seriously, she was a knitting genius. I now understand a great deal about sweater construction, and am looking forward to making many more sweaters.

I hope someone still stops by my blog after all this time. If you're still here, Thanks for checking in. I'm looking forward to sharing this holiday season with you.

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TLC said...

I've been checking for months, sure that you're working on something, but I know you've been busy. Congrats on the great looking sweater...I've started thinking of a sweater for my man, but I've never even finished one for myself..I've had about three inches on the needles for probably 6 or so months now and it's not even in the queue of things to knit right now. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas!