Monday, September 21, 2009

A Book Review, or "Holy Crap, I found time to Read something!"

I saw The Passion of the Hausfrau on the "new books" rack at our library, and it looked interesting, and then a bout of the dreaded "Seasonal Flu-Like Illness" provided me time to sit/lay down and read something not related to school, so look...A book review!

This book, by Nicole Chaison, is the journal of a stay-at-home-mom of 2 children, complete with cartoons to illustrate the stories. She illustrates the joys, difficulties and hilarity of motherhood. She also discusses, in a unique way, the frustrations shared by many mothers which we often don't discuss. In a way, I wish I had read this book when my own kiddos were smaller. It might have helped me to feel less alone in my world of toddlers and infants. Chaison's story about "How I came to sit in Cat Diarrhea" could have stood beside my stories of "How the 2-year old barfed down my neck" or "Why is my toddler in the top of that tree?" and possibly helped me to feel more like journaling and less like running away from home.

If you need a chuckle, and like an intelligently-written memoir, you should check this one out. Especially if you are a mother.

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