Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm still reading, too! Whistling Dixie in a Nor'easter

I just finished reading "Whistling Dixie in a Nor'easter" by Lisa Patton. This recommendation came via Facebook, from a friend of mine from High School who is friends with the author. (How's that for a circuitous connection?) Since I had a bit of a break from schoolwork over Thanksgiving, I decided to read something for pleasure, and requested it from the public library. I really enjoyed this book. If you need a little escape from holiday madness, you should check this one out.

It is the story of LeeLee, a priveleged and pampered woman from Memphis, who winds up following someone else's dream to run a quaint bed and breakfast in Vermont. "Quaint" turns out to mean "tacky and stinky", and the joys of living in New England were interesting to see from the point of view of LeeLee, who had never even tried to locate Vermont on the map before. Experiencing this Southern Belle in Vermont was enjoyable, as was seeing her inner strength and ingenuity emerge when the going got tough, and her Southern Gentlemen weren't around to rescue her.

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