Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Adventures of the Summer Sock

My Sock-in-progress was getting kind of bored, so I decided to give it some more things to look at this past couple of days. It was feeling a little left out, I'm afraid, since I've been reading more lately, so I decided to give it a little individual attention.

On Saturday, it went to the pool...

The sock really enjoyed it's time in the shade watching the kids play. It also laughed at me when I got a sunburn on the right side of each leg between my knee and my ankle...apparently every single year I have to re-learn an important lesson about sunscreen and the need to use it frequently, even while knitting in the shade and wearing capri-pants.

Today, my sock and I went out and enjoyed my roses, which just began blooming yesterday. I am very grateful to Ellen, who owned my house previously, for leaving such lovely flowers for me to enjoy.

See how happy my sock was to be in the garden? It is also especially excited to meet it's new sock-friends, that will hopefully be ready to play by the time the Summer of Socks 2008 is over...

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