Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lady of the Snakes

I just finished reading Lady of the Snakes by Rachel Pastan. This is a fabulous book, I could not put it down.

It is the story of a young woman, Jane, who is trying to have a fabulous career, maintain a healthy marriage and raise a child all at once, and the conflicts that ensue as a result of her many roles. I could really relate to her struggles, as can many of us working moms who have felt the pull of our vocations and our families and had to choose between the two at times. It had all the elements of "chick-lit" that I enjoy...a female protagonist, relationship difficulties, and some sex, as well as being intelligently written and having two plot lines at the same time: the modern character, Jane and the historical figure who her life's work focuses on, Masha. It is very interesting how the author intertwined the two story lines.

If you need a good book to go to the pool or beach or on vacation, this is a great one. I checked it out from the library, but it is definitely worth purchasing. This is definitely a book I'd read again.

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