Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The bad hotel and other stories of relocation

My Pumpkin has started a new job here near Denver, and we are trying to learn our way around town. The problem is that in Albuquerque, the mountains are to the East, and in Denver they are to the West, so I am perpetually going the opposite direction than I think I am. I am becoming proficient with the art of the illegal U-turn.

I have accepted a job at a hospital that seems like the perfect fit for me, unfortunately I can't start until mid-August, so I will have to re-learn how to live on one income. I believe that this is actually a blessing, and a way for me to learn to be more frugal and a better steward of the financial gifts God has given me, and to help me remember that money is not the point. All that said, I went to a yarn store today, just to check out the stash enhancement possibilities in my new neck of the woods, and I did not buy any yarn. I felt a little faint, and started to feel sweaty, but I still didn't buy any yarn. So, I'm not sure how long this new found frugality will actually last.

I am trying to have a good attitude about our Extended Stay Hotel accommodations, but I'm not having much progress in that. What a total dump! There was a pube on the bathroom floor when we checked in, so I have had to do my own cleaning with clorox wipes. (Weekly maid service, more than that costs extra, even if there was leftover hair on the floor.) There is a teeny kitchen, and when we arrived, we were most disappointed to find no microwave. I can rough it in a lot of ways, but I can't live in a shoe box for a month with no microwave, OK? Turns out, there was supposed to be a microwave, but apparently the previous occupants stole it. They gave us one today, which they reappropriated from another, unoccupied room.

The funniest thing is that the first night we were here, DH took a shower and the steam somehow set off the fire alarm. I was trying to fan it with a towel to make it stop alarming, and finally resorted to trying to muffle it with a towel. DH called the front desk to tell them our fire alarm was ringing, and the woman said "Sir! I can't hear you! There is some sort of loud BEEPING!"

As my friend Carol said, and I keep reminding myself...I am on an ADVENTURE! Thank goodness the kiddos are with grandparents though. This is not an adventure I'd want to take them on right now.

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