Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Packing Up

I have been working hard the last two weeks, sorting out and packing up all of our worldly goods so that we can move. I am amazed and appalled at the amount of just TRASH that we have had stored in closets, the garage, the attic. I have a whole truckload of usable items (even some new, unused items that I never even got around to) for the Salvation Army to pick up tomorrow, an equally large pile of junk to haul to the dump.

Some of the things I'm getting rid of are hard for me, such as a large box of old, half-finished cross-stitch projects. So many well-intentioned projects that were to be gifts, or were intended to decorate my walls, and they will never be completed. So I hope that some one who needs a craft and can't afford supplies will find them in a thrift store, or receive them in a woman's shelter and enjoy them.

Some of the items have brought back many memories, such as my old Air Force uniforms and some medals I received. A wonderful surprise was a box of Nick-nacks that I've had since I was a child, which I apparently packed and put in the attic but forgot about. But on the other hand, most of it is a relief to get rid of--I had lost my view of what is really important, because I was so covered up in clutter and housework and trying to rearrange the clutter and make it presentable. What a relief it will be to start my new home with only things I love and use!

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