Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I heard on the news this morning that Michael Jackson was an "American Hero." He was certainly a famous pop-star with a longstanding music career. He was an icon for sure. He was also a person who deserves to have some dignity in his death and not the circus of media hype and ebay-sales of tickets to his memorial service. But I disagree with the word "Hero."

Do you want to hear about some Heroes?

Well, I know a man who is serving with the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan. He is away from his family, in a dangerous war zone to work to preserve Freedom. His wife is home caring for 3 children, parenting and loving and providing for their needs, in her own way working to preserve Freedom.

I know a couple who provided total care at home for an invalid daughter with severe mental and physical disabilities, for 50 years, with no home-healthcare assistance, and despite the fact that the physicians recommended that the girl be institutionalized. They centered their lives around their child and gave her the best life they could, even when she couldn't interact with them.

I know a person who has had his feet amputated due to medical reasons, who is friendly and caring, and has goals he will accomplish, and continues to have faith in God despite the personal losses that came with losing his feet.

Today, I invite you to think of your own heroes. Celebrate them for a moment. And then, hum "Beat It" and practice your moonwalk if you must.


Bev said...

Amen. I agree totally with you. I agree he was the King of Rock but that's as far as it goes. To many others are real hero's that should be honored but will go by the way side. So here to them, I salute you the true hero's.

Stacey said...

I have a hero - a wonderful woman who has fought and continues to fight cancer for 14 years now. She has had 2 primary sources of her cancer, been given a less than 5% chance of surviving this long and today can say she is currently cancer free. She gives hope to those diagnosed with cancer by volunteering as a counselor for the American Cancer Society. She may not know the words to "Beat It", but she is the living-breathing example! She is my hero! She is my mom.