Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Life in Bullet Points

I guess it's time I posted something, so everyone would know I am still alive and um, knitting...

In the past 3 weeks:
  • I have learned of events which have caused me to distrust the internet and the whole concept of "online community". But I do not extend that distrust to "The Blog" nor to it's readers.
  • I have had some sort of midlife crisis, I think, leading to registration and finalizing arrangements to begin Graduate School in April, joining of a gym and signing up for Personal Training, and resuming my involvement in Weight Watchers (and I've lost 4 pounds.)
  • I received my first installment of the Rockin Sock Club 2009, and I've finished one sock. Unfortunately I can't show it to you because...
  • I managed to somehow break my "good" computer, and until DH can fix it I am stuck using a not-so-fabulous laptop which doesn't know how to talk to my camera.
There have also been
  • Sick Children
  • A Husband with long hours and work deadlines
  • Home improvement projects and clean-out, apparently also as a result of this Midlife Crisis.
So, please come back in a few days and check for photos of knitting, when we return to our regular programming.

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TLC said...

No wonder you haven't posted anything new in a while. Good luck with the mid-life crisis :) And congrats on the 4 pounds!!!!