Monday, December 8, 2008

The Christmas-Elf Maltese Hat

I have been wanting to try Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Maltese Fisherman's Hat" since I first saw it. It's a little silly-looking, but warm and practical, and it's interesting with it's spiraling decreases and short-row earflaps. I had a skein of Sheepsdown on hand, and I thought this would be as good a project as any...

First, the gauge was off just a bit, but I have just learned that when you are working with giant yarn and big needles, "just a bit" really isn't. So the thing is huge. And because of this, I ran out of the brown Sheepsdown before I ran out of hat. I had some Lamb's Pride Bulky leftovers in my stash, so I double-stranded it and made the top of the hat Cream. Well, that was boring, so I threw on a red Applied I-Cord border (also Lamb's Pride Bulky) just so I could learn how. I figured this thing is already strange, so I might as well really go for it. And I made that multi-colored tassel, and completed the Most Ridiculous Elf Hat Ever.

My son, however, thinks it's a wonderful hat. He likes the style, he likes the colors, and he likes how warm it is. He has claimed it as his own, and here I thought it would be relegated to a Halloween Costume or something. He thinks it is the Coolest Hat Ever.

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