Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Weekend to Remember Happily

I have had an absolutely wonderful weekend! I haven't felt this refreshed and happy in a very long time. DH and I went away for our 16th Wedding Anniversary weekend to a Bed and Breakfast near Rocky Mountain National Park, and we had a wonderful time. We had no internet or cell-phone due to the remoteness of our location, My Mother-in-Law had the children, and it was fabulous to have nothing to focus on except each other and relaxing.

This picture was taken in Estes Park, Colorado, right in town at a park. This Elk family (there were more on the other side of the park) apparently come down and graze here every evening. They seemed totally oblivious to the fact that there were about a hundred tourists photographing them. I have seen some pretty interesting things in my life, but these Elk that inhabit Estes Park could be pretty high on the list.

We went to the Wild Basin Area of Rocky Mountain National Park and went hiking. At the Trailhead, this is the sign that greeted us. In case you can't read it, it basically says "Mountain Lions Frequent this area and they can harm and kill you." We especially enjoyed the part about "If you see a Lion, STOP, Don't run, and pick up small children." Welcome to the Mountains, enjoy your hike!

This is Copeland Falls, on the St Vrain Creek. It was just a short 0.3 mile jaunt from the trailhead. The water is so cold and fresh, and we enjoyed stopping and enjoying the scenery and watching the chipmunks.

We continued on the trail to Calypso Cascades, about another
1.8 miles or so. This is a section of trail that the guide-book called "Moderate". This is also where I realized that my mind, which loves to hike and enjoy nature, also houses some fantasy world where I am in shape and not at all plus-sized; Oh yeah, and that the Guidebook people who think this piece of trail is "Moderate" must be trail-runners and body-builders or something.

The Calypso Cascades were beautiful and totally worth all the Motrin I had to take that night.

In addition to relaxing and hiking and spending time with my husband, this has been a weekend of Yarn and Knitterly Joy! Look!

This pile of goodness is a package from my Knitty "Summer Lovin'" Swap partner, Georgie! She sent me spices and honey from her local area in Indiana, some fun toys and goodies to share with the kids, a beautiful crocheted backpack, a Debbie Macomber book (which I have not read before), Soho yarn, and some cushy Aloe-Vera socks! I feel so spoiled to get this box after my fabulous weekend away.

Of course, while on our little trip, I had to do some stash-building and support the yarn economy! I went to the Stitchin' Den and had a little yarn splurge:

This is Lonesome Stone's 50/50 in "My Friend's Rosegarden." Lovely and soft, and a huge skein, which I think will be enough for a hat and scarf. Also, I got Mountain Colors Twizzle, which I've always wanted to try. I have a couple possible projects in mind for that skein already.

Last, but not least, My DH gave me a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts for my birthday, and my order was waiting for me when I got home! That is Icelandic in "Star Sapphire" and Socks that Rock Medium Weight in "Purple Rain." I thought it was appropriate that the sock yarn colorway is named after a song that we used to dance to at Proms way back in the day.

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