Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Reading: The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer

The Story of a Marriage is a beautifully written book about a couple and the choices they both make for love. It has some surprising plot twists, which not only challenged some prejudices and stereotypes related to gender roles, race, and sexual orientation, but also challenges some traditional ideas of Romantic Love and "Happily Ever After."

Andrew Sean Greer is gifted at painting pictures with his prose, and his characters are so believable that I wonder how on earth he can so realistically create both male and female characters and (I believe) accurately portray their emotions. I wonder how he knows so much!
Sometimes my heart ached for Pearlie, and sometimes for Holland. It's unusual to encounter a book that so poignantly portrays emotions.

I loved this book. It is different from every other "Love Story" I've ever read, and very intelligently written. I hesitate to tell too much and spoil the surprise. I enjoyed it immensely, and would read it again for good measure. I admit it is not a book for everyone, so check out some reviews and read the fly-leaf and decide for yourself.

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