Saturday, July 26, 2008

Miscellany and Minutiae

The new season of Project Runway has started, and my 2 oldest children and I enjoy this show immensely. Just as some families enjoy watching sports, mine enjoys watching wannabe fashion-designers snark at each other while trying to compete by making clothing for supermodels out of household items like fly-swatters and coffee filters, or designing couture items for female wrestlers. We make popcorn, and have an hour of togetherness around the TV, while the youngest asks questions such as "Why are those boys talking so much like girls?!? Do you think those ladies in the dresses look like Barbies?" My husband spends 40 minutes making fun of us for watching, and then becomes interested at the end and winds up watching it with us. Part of me can't believe I'm blogging about this "reality" show, since I have scorned Reality TV since its inception. But I will no longer take the high-ground, and admit that I am hooked on this one, and I have jumped on the Bandwagon.

Would you like to see what I've been knitting?

I call these "Sockalicious!" (Sorry, Blaine.)

These are actually some straight-up stockinette socks in ShibuiKnits Sock for Summer of Socks. The yarn is yummy, the colors are fun (they sort of remind me of the Gay Flag in an abstract way.) but frankly, the knitting of them is boring me to tears. I'm going to get the heel turned on that second one today if it kills me, and then cast on something more fun to alternate it with.

This is my Afghan Square of the Month from the Knitty Cat Knitalong. This one is lovely, and it is by far the most strenuous cabling project I've ever done. I'm feeling pretty clever and like a real Knitter-with-a-capital-K to have hung in there and kept up, but I'll also be glad when it's finished.

And finally, look at our little garden!

The front row is Bell Peppers, and the second row is Fennel. There is a row of onions behind the Fennel, but I'm afraid the Fennel is going to choke them out. And look at this!

That's a Squash plant, with actual Squash Blossoms on it. This means that we will have some actual Squash by the end of the summer, Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise. This is the most progress we've ever had with gardening, so wish us luck!

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