Friday, June 27, 2008

Knitalongs and the Shaven Cat

The "Summer of Socks" Knitalong is underway. The official Cast-on time was Midnight on Saturday, June 21st. I didn't make the official cast on since I was working the next day and I didn't think the sick people would understand that their nurse was tired from staying up late knitting. But I did cast on a sock on Saturday, and I am making great progress:

This is the Spring Forward pattern (from Knitty) in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in a colorway to commemorate the anniversary of Simply Socks Yarn Company. It's a lovely pink and brown, and I'm sure I will enjoy wearing them. This pattern is going more quickly than others I've knit, it's only really got 2 different pattern rows, and no purling. I'm pretty sure it is going to be this year's equivalent of the "Monkey" socks in popularity.

I also have finished the Monthly Afghan square from Knitty Cat:

This needs to be blocked pretty harshly, to make it lay flat, but it is a lovely square. You can't really see the Bobbles down the center in that picture, but I like them a lot. I don't like making them, but I like the end result.

And to give you a smile as you go, my very own "LOLcat": Poor Duster after his vet visit and summer haircut:

This was my lesson in the joys of owning a geriatric cat. He was so matted and tangly from shedding and being too arthritic to groom himself properly, that when I took him to the normal cat groomer, they said I'd have to take him to a Veterinarian due to the closeness of the shave they were going to need to do. Well, of course he's due for his shots this month, so in order for the vet to shave him he would need his shots. And an exam. And because he's 16 years old, lab work and a blood pressure check. So 300 dollars later, I have a bald cat who needs anti-hypertensives. I don't begrudge him that, though. He is a sweet kitty who gives nothing but love. I will try hard not to mind giving him medications.

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