Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some Complete Pairs of FO's

In April, I had set a goal for myself to finish some of the singleton mittens and socks that I had languishing in my knitting basket, feeling lonely for their "friends." I did finish a stray sock and a stray mitten, which leaves me with 2 singleton socks to complete, and quite a feeling of accomplishment also, since now I get to blog about 2 new FO's.

These are NHM #3 from Selbuvotter by Terri Shea. I enjoyed knitting these a lot, and I'm sure I'll make more of this type of mitten in the future. I used Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb sport weight yarn in White and Great Grape, and size 3 dpns.

An important lesson I learned from this project is that it's possible for one knitter using one pattern and one set of needles to knit the same yarn can somehow achieve different gauges at different times. I don't know how this happened, but look:

They don't just look differently sized in the picture. They are actually significantly different. I'm keeping them, though, because when they are on my hands you can only tell if I hold them together and say "look at my mismatched mittens."

I also finished the second one of these Monkey Socks.

I used some beautiful and soft yarn, Lonesome Stone Mountain Feat, in a colorway called "Jingleberries", and they are lovely to wear. The variegation in the yarn sort of obliterated the lace pattern, I think, so I'd like to do some solid-colored ones sometime. This is a great pattern, easy to follow, and as many have described it before "intuitive." I never got to the point where I had memorized it, though, and had to keep my chart with me while I knit.

In the interest of being held accountable for single socks, I still have on the needles a pair of Men's Cable socks in Trekking and a pair of Baby Cable Rib socks in Tofutsies. Not to mention these which I just started for my daughter:

I know what you are thinking. I DID need to start a new pair, because I got some new yarn which my beautiful daughter picked out herself, and she doesn't even have one single pair of handknit socks. I do not have a yarn addiction and I can stop whenever I want.....


Batty said...

Both the mittens and the socks look fabulous, great work!

bufanditas said...

Beautiful mittens!!