Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Things have been absolutely crazy here. DH has been working long hours and extra days, therefore some things that he would have helped with and activities he would have shared transporting the kiddos to have fallen to me. I am not good at holding down the fort by myself, and the house is just chaos and mayhem. Additionally, last week, DH had a car accident (not his fault) and our car was totalled. So car insurance claims and the hassle of replacing a car have ruled our lives this week while we are trying to hold jobs and raise children and keep a house, and it has not gone well. But we got a new car today, and some of those hassles are done.

Here's my question: If I am spending quite a lot of money, and you are selling me a car on which you will make a commission, why is it so darn much time and effort to buy a car after I've picked it out and have loan approval.? 5 hours at the Car Dealership. 5 HOURS! They should put laundromats in car dealerships so you can do something useful, instead of taking a tour of the service department and waiting at tables for mysterious office people to materialize with stacks of paperwork.

In a futile quest to maintain some order in my home, I decided to knit something new, because at least I can finish a row and it stays done, unlike all the other home activities I get to do, like dishes and laundry. I got the book Selbuvotter, and I'm learning to make mittens. Terri Shea's book is great, and I am enjoying learning to make these. The thumbs and gussets are giving me some trouble, but I'll figure it out, I'm sure.

This is my first attempt. It is supposed to be sized for an adult woman. But, without a gauge swatch, I was surprised to find it is coming out child-sized, so it will belong to my youngest daughter.

That's Knit Picks Palette in red and cream, on size 2 dpns. Very nice yarn, but especially very nice yarn for 2 bucks a ball.

Here is the second attempt. Same Palette yarn, size 3 dpns this time. This one is coming out the proper size for an adult. The yarn is a bit thin for size 3's though, and it seems a bit less firm than I'd like a mitten fabric to be. If I can figure out how to make the thumb, I'm planning on trying these again with some Nature Spun Sport or something a little thicker.

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