Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Warm Necks and Hands

Things have been busy here with Christmas preparations. We are very nearly finished with all the shopping for gifts, and we have one more evergreen tree outside that we need to put lights on in order to say we are done decorating. And, of course, I have been knitting some gifts and here I want to show them off!

This is a shawl for DH's Grandma, who is frail and in a Nursing Home. It's just a large triangle knit in garter stitch by casting on 3 stitches and increasing w/ a YO at the beginning of each row, like a giant dishcloth. In case you're interested, it's in Lionbrand Homespun, color Delft, on Size 11 Circulars. It should have been larger, I suppose, but it was so boring that I had to finish it as soon as it got just large enough.

This scarf is for DH's other Grandmother. She wanted a "sky blue" scarf, so I had some Soy Wool Stripes which fit that bill, but I needed something fairly quick, so I added a strand of Soy Wool Solid in a coordinating blue, and knit a 2 x 2 Rib on Size 15's. The whole thing was done in a weekend. Here's a closer picture of how the yarn looked together:

These are the Peekaboo Mittens from Magknits. I made them for an unnamed recipient who might read the blog. This was a fun knit, because with the finger-slot, there was never more than 2 inches of anything before you got to change to some new thing, so it went quickly and was never boring, but also was easy.

See how you can pop your fingers out if you need to? Very practical, and very cool! These are from Lamb's Pride Worsted, in the color "Purple Flutter", which I just love.

And, Last but not Least, I finished a "Dot Mitten" from my new favorite book, Kristin Knits by Kristin Nicholas:

I used some Lamb's Pride from the Stash, and I think this could be the niftiest mitten ever! I've cast on it's "friend", and I can't wait for my daughter to wear them and have warm, colorful hands!


Throws Like A Girl said...

Your peekaboo's are so pretty! :)

HavingMommyMoments said...

I DID read your blog!