Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving began a little melancholy, as I miss my friends and family since this is our first major holiday in Colorado. A little frustrating as well, since I had some timing problems getting my dinner done, and the beautiful chocolate pound cake I baked overflowed the pan and filled my oven with smoking globs of burning cake batter. It tasted fine, but boy, was it ever ugly.
In the end, it turned out nicely and we had a lovely time having dessert and coffee with some of our neighbors and are getting to know them better.

I am so grateful to be living here in Colorado, and for the snow that we have on the ground, and for my fireplace. I am grateful for my wonderful family, and for friends who keep in touch. I'm thankful for my children and especially for a wonderful husband who is helpful and supportive. I am looking forward to this holiday season and to see what adventures the next few months bring...the last several months have certainly brought their share of adventure.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family, friends, and cyber-friends!

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MNKNIT said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too lady! At least you have some real snow....look forward to seeing your Foilage hat in photo form!
yer pal....MNKNIT