Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Table full of WIPs

I had a bit of excitement today. Not real exciting excitement, you see, but boring suburban housewife excitement. I got a new dining table for my new(ish) kitchen... Placed on it, are a dozen roses which DH gave me Just Because. (Sorry ladies, he's taken...) And a pumpkin-shaped pie dish which I got at Crate and Barrel on a whim because I love fall the most of any season. I love all the cinnamon-y and spicy smells, and the fall leaves, and wearing warmer clothes for the first time. Two fall things I'll miss now that I've moved away from Albuquerque...the smell of the Chile roasters at the market, and the Balloon Fiesta. We will have to find some Denver-esque fall traditions to make up for those I suppose.

Here's what I've been knitting:
This is my Clapotis for the Second Wave Clapotis Knitalong. I am about halfway through the Increase rows. I do not like how the edges look, they seem sloppy to me, as if I'm doing something wrong when I knit or purl into the front and the back. But I believe that the final wrap will be so soft and lovely that no one will notice the edges. I'm using Malabrigo for the first time, and I love it. When I get tired of knitting the Clap, I find myself just petting it. (On the one hand, I'd like to edit that sentence, but on the other, it sounds kind of pr0n-esque and I think that's funny.)

This dark non-descript object is actually a beautiful sock I'm knitting for someone for Christmas. It is soft and yummy in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, Mountain Twilight, and I have finished 9" of leg and about 2/3 of the Heel flap. I'm not going to bed until the heel is turned. I have been struggling with socks lately, having partially knit and frogged a Madder Rib Sock in Koigu, a Socktopia Mystery Sock in Wildefoot, and this yarn which I tried to make into a Waterfall Ribbed sock. For some reason I am unable to follow a stitch pattern on a sock. So this one is a nice mindless Stockinette sock...all of the yarny love and none of the frustration. (Do you thing "yarny love" sounds pr0n-esque also? Hmmm...)

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Queen of the froggers said...

I love that table! Clapotis is a great knit isn't it.