Sunday, July 8, 2007

Homeless and Child-free, Temporarily

We now have an empty home on the market in Albuquerque and most of our worldly goods in storage. The kids are in another state staying with Grandparents for a month to allow us time to either buy a home or rent an apartment in the Denver area, depending on the speed of our home's sale. DH and I will be staying in extended-stay hotels and starting our new jobs in the meanwhile, and trying to pretend that we don't miss the children.

In order for the children to go to Grandparents' house, I flew them across the country and stayed for a few days prior to returning to DH in Denver. Here's how I passed some time and alleviated some stress:

I read a book called The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, which I will have to review because it was fabulous; I finished the first of a pair of "Gentleman's Plain Winter Socks" from Knitting Vintage Socks for DH; I checked out a yarn shop in Knoxville, TN called "Loopville", where
I bought some Universal Yarns "Worsted Impressions" and made a Cabled Baby Hat. Tonight, I celebrated moving to Colorado by purchasing a Louisa Harding book, "hats gloves scarves".

<---My knitting and books on the funky quilt in the extended-stay hotel Below: A closer picture of the cool stripes of OnLine Sierra yarn. I think this pattern is perfect for self-stripers such as this!

Here's a closer photo of the little hat, which is so much fun to make that it's my second one of these to make, but certainly not the last. I'll admit that's a terrible shot, but the purple and sage really is a nice combo for a non-traditional baby hat. I can't say enough about this pattern, I just love love love it!

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