Friday, May 11, 2007

I really am still around.....

It has been a very long time since I posted. Things have been very hectic with my kiddos ending up the school year. The youngest graduated from her Pre-Kindergarten class today, and the other two have been busy, busy, busy with an end-of-year musical performance and all of their studies. All I'll say: is that Private School can be great academically and we have enjoyed and been inspired by much of the religious/Biblical education our kids have received. The flip side of that is that when something isn't working to help a child learn, or is being done inappropriately, there is no regulatory body or even a "Chain of Command" to follow to fix the problem. Much time has been spent trying to maintain self-esteem and a feeling of worth among my two oldest kids, and hoping and praying that their hearts will not be completely turned against Christianity.

I have been reading a book called The Last Witchfinder by James Morrow. A nicely written and engaging (at times extremely disturbing) story about the Renaissance era and the Witch-hunts and trials which took place in the 1700's. I'm not done yet, but I'm sure I'll blog about it once I'm through it.

In the world of yarn and such, I have knit about one-quarter of a Backyard Leaves scarf, in Paton's Classic Merino, color: Leaf. I enjoy this pattern a lot. I have recently discovered that when I'm upset or angry about something, it is virtually impossible to fret and stew about something while also trying to follow a lace chart and figure out how to do a "slip slip slip knit" and a "knit 3 together." Here's my progress so far: I also finished the first of a pair of "Fanny" anklets from Socktopia for my oldest daughter. I used Cascade Fixation and size 3's. The top ribbing came out looser than I intended, (I suspect it was that I wasn't used to the elastic in the Fixation and made them too loose) but the foot fits perfectly, and my daughter loves it. Now if I can just make myself cast on the second one!

Above: I'm happy with the fit. My daughter says it is very soft and comfy. She told me she really really would like to have the other one soon.

<-------- A close up of the ribbing on the arch of the foot. I enjoyed learning the band heel technique, but was unable to master a short-row toe and had to make just a plain old flat toe. Unfortunately, I have a problem with starting projects, and today I bought some Koigu PPPM and just cast on for a pair of "Lichen Ribbed Socks" from
Knitting Vintage Socks. I still have only one Tofutsies sock finished as well. So now 3 partially finished pair! It's an addiction, I tell you! Lastly, an update on the Red Ribbon Hat project: This has been a mixed success for me. I scheduled two meeting rooms and tried to advertise for some "Knit Nights" at New Mexico AIDS Services, and no one came. I had snacks, yarn to give away if people needed it, and copies of free patterns. And I was ALONE IN THE BUILDING. That was really a bummer. BUT, so far we have 6 scarves donated, and three hats which people have told me they are in the process of making. So for me, I look at that as 6 necks and 3 noggins (so far) which will be warmer this winter, and at least 9 times that someone spent some time thinking about AIDS and its effect on the people who have contracted it.

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