Friday, May 25, 2007

I found my Mojo!

In my previous post, I noted that I had lost my Knitting Mojo. Well, I was at the Sunflower Market in Albuquerque today, and Lo and Behold! I found it right there in Aisle 7....

Maybe now I can make some headway on that Backyard Leaves Scarf, my stray singleton socks and my Sonnet Sweater.

5/27: I'd like to add that these Clif Mojo Bars are the most enjoyable energy bars I've ever eaten (and I've tried a lot!). Very nutty and salty/sweet, and filling! I highly recommend them. :)


Not just another said...

HA! That's great . . . love it!

Rebel said...

My mojo comes and goes. Sometimes I want to knit, sometimes I want to sew, I go back and forth. Your knitting will be there for you when you decide to go back to it. - zuma