Monday, January 22, 2007

Blue Monday Socks

This is the progress I've made on my Blue Monday socks for Socktopia. I have knit on these socks at my kids' basketball practice, at my home and my parents' home, at 4 airports (Albuquerque, Dallas/Fort Worth, Knoxville, and Chicago O'Hare) and in the hospital where my Mom had surgery. The socks are cross-country travellers, that's for sure!

I am enjoying this yarn, and I am enjoying how the pattern is looking, even with the plethora of mistakes that I have made. This is the most complicated sock pattern I've done to date, and I will be happy to do a nice pair of "plain vanilla" stockinette next.

One of the themes for Socktopia this month was "Blue Monday". I was at a loss for ideas, so I Googled "Blue Monday" and learned that Blue Monday was the number-one selling 12 1/2" single of all time, performed by the group New Order in 1983 (Come on 80's children, remember? "How... do I feel? Tell me I feel?") So I chose a yarn with a lot of blue in it, and the RPM pattern from Knitty in honor of the single (33 1/3 RPM).

These socks were originally going to be mine, then I thought about a dear friend of mine who is a New Order fan, but when I finished the first sock beside my Mom's hospital bed in Tennessee, she said "Ooh! Try it on me!" So now, they have become hers.


Zonda said...

Sorry you're having problems! I think they look great! :) Hang in there!

Jeri said...

What patt. are the blue Monday socks? Could it be rpm?
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