Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Travels

Here I am, back at home so I can work in the hospital tomorrow, and not feeling very glad about it, since the rest of my family remains in our hometown on the other side of the country.

As I fought the feeling of self-pity this morning, as I traversed the Atlanta airport alone and wishing that I could be with my husband and kids, I passed a group of soldiers, in their desert camouflage and I realized that I get to work in a nice hospital with people I enjoy working with, and share a potluck lunch for Christmas. I will be able to attend church services with my church family and I will probably score some yummy food at someone's home. No one is shooting at me, and my work is not embroiled in controversy and politics. I am truly blessed. My family is safe, I am safe, and my country is Free.

May God bless our Armed Forces and their families this Christmas. I am so thankful for their sacrifices.

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PrincessLJ said...

Hi Christy,

I empathized with you at having to work on Christmas Day while your family was elsewhere.

I had to work, too.

Happy New Year!!