Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Position on Proposition 8

Today, 11/15, is a Nationwide day to protest Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages. I admit that this issue was not really on my "radar screen" during this election...after all, I'm already married, and I don't live in a state that was voting on this. I have been thinking about it today, and I am amazed at how full-circle I've come on this issue in the last 3 years.

First, let me say that my Christian Faith, and the Bible guides me in my understanding of marriage as a heterosexual relationship. I was taught to believe that homosexuality is a behavioral and lifestyle choice. As I have broadened my relationships outside of the traditional "Church Lady" circle of friends, I am realizing and accepting that all of the openly homosexual people I have met share that they were aware of their homosexuality at a very young age, and learned to conceal it at a very young age as well. "Church People" let them down if they turned to them for support, and certainly they were not welcomed to remain in their Christian Faiths, for the most part.

I can not reconcile what Christianity teaches me about Christ's Forgiveness, Grace, and Unconditional Love, and caring for our fellow man regardless of whether we agree with them or not, with the messages of hatred and discrimination that opponents of Proposition 8 are spreading. My marriage is holy and sacred to me, and whether or not someone else marries someone of their same gender will not change that.

The government allows people to cohabitate and reproduce who are not married, a heterosexual couple who lives together long enough can be considered "common-law-spouses" even if their relationship is abusive and dysfunctional. Yet a loving homosexual couple is not considered married? This is not fair and seems to go against the American Ideals of equality. (I don't recall that the Declaration of Independence stated that all Straight Men were created Equal...)

This is an historic time in our nation's history. There was hatred and violence when women lobbied to vote. There was hatred and violence during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's. I hope our country can rise above the violence during this current time of change. I support those who are rallying today and pray for peace and safety.

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Dori said...

You are amazing! Thanks so much for the inspirational and persuasive post.