Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....


We decorated our Christmas tree and hung our lights this weekend. I love the tradition of decorating the tree! We have collected special Hallmark ornaments for each child, and I have cross-stitched many ornaments to commemorate the years, so pulling them out brings back fun memories every year.

The Youngest gets the honor of putting the star on top of the tree every year. This, I am told, is not fair at all, because she gets to be the youngest for always and the older ones only got to be the youngest once.

In a rare moment of togetherness, the kids all stood still in the same vicinity without arguing (for the first time all weekend) so I thought I should snap a picture.

The finished tree. I'm trying not to worry about the fact that we were so excited to hang ornaments we forgot to put on the garland. It's still pretty, but it's going to bother me about the garlands. We'll see if I stay up late some night re-decorating it.....

Do you like my Santa nesting-dolls? I love them. I especially like how the surprise of the tiny doll being a snowman makes little kids giggle. And that's my shrine of Christmas Cross-Stitch Past. My friends at the Stitcher's Garden in Albuquerque were a huge support, a wonderful group of women, and every time I get out those Snowmen and Santa I think if them.

So now that there is snow on the ground, and a Christmas tree in my living room, I'm ready to start all the baking and wrapping and spreading-of-the-good-cheer.

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