Monday, October 13, 2008

Mittens, a Sock, and New Stash Yarn

After twenty-something years of experiencing the change from crisp fall days to just plain cold, you'd think I'd be used to it by now. But no. I was totally shocked to have to scrape frost from my car windows this morning. As if I had never seen frost before. Maybe someday I'll be mentally ready for the weather change, but today all I feel like doing is snuggling up in a warm blanket to knit and read. It's too bad that there are people who live with me and need me to do more than read today.

I have been knitting, though. (Of course I have.)

I am excited that I am making some progress on the Mitered Mittens:

These are great mittens, and a really wonderful pattern. You may wonder, if it is all so fabulous, why it's taking me so long to knit a pair. First, I tried the Afterthought Thumb and made a huge unravelled mess where there was to be a thumb. So I had to reknit the first mitten. Then I used the Thumb Trick, which worked much better than the Afterthought method, but then I made the mitten decrease too soon and it was too short for me. So I frogged and reknit the top decreases. Then I cast on the second mitten and knit about an inch and realized that I didn't like the color sequence the ball of Kureyon was giving me for the second mitten, so I frogged and rewound the ball. Now, I'm really moving along, and the next pair will be like a piece of cake.

I just need to graft the toe on the Youngest's first sock...

That is Opal Mississippi Yarn. I love the self-patterning, and I love the feel of the yarn itself. I will definitely buy more Opal in the future. I'm pretty sure that when this pair of Children's size 2 1/2 socks are complete, I'll still have enough of that yarn left to make an adult-sized pair of anklets.

And, to totally break my yarn diet, and give myself something to look forward to, I bought the yarn for my Cascading Fuschias Bag class I'm taking at the Knitty Cat:

I may not make it for 2 more weeks without casting the bag on. I love Lamb's Pride, it is the yarny equivalent of comfort food to me, like rice pudding. It's not fussy but it's always nice. I will carry that bag everywhere once I get it done.

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