Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Catching Up

Things have been pretty busy here. Definitely a good kind of busy, with lots of fun things going on, but busy enough to keep me away from the blog.

On Sept 6, the Oldest and I participated in Denver's AIDS Walk 2008 at Cheesman Park. It is a fun way to spend time with each other, but also offered my tween-age daughter and I an opportunity to have discussions about topics that might not come up naturally in any other setting, such as how HIV/AIDS is contracted and prevented, and why that drag queen walking in front of us has a water bottle shaped like a man-part. (I'm not kidding. A great big one.)

The AIDS Memorial Quilt sections were there again this year. Just seeing the volume of it is an emotional experience for me. I am always touched by the panels themselves. One that didn't photograph well, but had a huge impact on me, was a panel made by an IRS Agent in Kentucky, who found a final tax return with an attached death certificate, listing AIDS as the cause of death. So the Agent made a panel for the man, so he wouldn't be forgotten.

This one also had an impact on me...it's a panel for "Baby Dennis" and that little T-shirt says "I AM SOMEBODY."

This is the Memorial Garden. That Pavilion is so pretty, and it was an absolutely beautiful day.

On September 1st, Our Family and our friend Sean went up to Rocky Mountain National Park for some hiking and fresh air.

I have no words for the beauty of those mountains.

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