Monday, August 11, 2008

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

We have decided that it would be cost-effective to buy a membership each year to some local museum...supports the museum and gives us something fun to do with folks who visit us. This year we have a membership at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. My parents are visiting this week, and last week DH's Mom and our Niece came to visit, and we have been using our Museum Membership to it's best advantage. Today, I got some good pictures to share.

Above and Left are some examples of the "Gems and Minerals" Exhibit. We all love this one, it's interesting and beautiful to look at. I've seen it several times and I've learned something new every time.

This is an example of the Dioramas in the Wildlife Halls. They are life-sized, perfectly detailed models of the animals. They are beautifully done, and it's relaxing to me to just sit in there and look at them for a while. (If I hadn't been entertaining guests, I probably would have sat in there and knit my sock.)

My son's favorite exhibit is the "Prehistoric Journey". They have a nice collection of dinosaur fossils, and many Museum volunteers who are willing to answer questions and share what they know.

These pictures do not even show half of the fun exhibits we saw. We saw an Imax movie about Beavers and the kids went with their grandparents to a Planetarium show about a "Cosmic Journey."

I even showed my Sock-in-Progress the view from the Sky Terrace:

I realized today that this museum is a "Happy Place" for my family. It's somewhere we can go away to for a few hours, learn a little something and spend time together without worrying about what jobs are waiting at home or school the next day. If you get a chance to go, you definitely should, it is good family fun.

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