Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Knitting Camp

Last week, my two oldest kids went to "knitting Camp" at the Knitting Habitat. They had a blast learning to knit felted bags, and they are very proud of their projects.

It was wonderful that my son, who was a little self-conscious about his new knitting skills, got to meet Mr. K, a gentleman who has been knitting since 1941, who came into the shop and showed us his latest projects. I apologize for not photographing him and his nice work, but I wasn't sure if he would understand my knitting blog and the need to take pictures of perfect strangers. A part of me resists turning into "the crazy woman with the camera."

My husband accused me of "spreading the disease", and creating my own entourage of knitting enablers. I say, family togetherness and sharing a hobby is not a bad thing. And now I have a reason to keep stocking up on Lamb's Pride Bulky...it's for the children!

The Summer of Socks continues, and although I can not compete with some of the participants who have knit 6 or 7 pairs of socks in the first week, I am proud of my progress all the same.

That's an entire "Spring Forward" sock knit in 6 days. A personal record for me. I think I will be able to get done with the leg and heel turn of the second sock today. This is a great pattern, fun and quick, and I like how it's working with my yarn, so I feel very motivated to keep working and get them done.

Over there is my completed Afghan square from the June Knitty Cat Knitalong. Something wonky happened in my left cable, but I'm not going to fix it. I'm going to call it a "learning experience."

I hope you are having a wonderful summer full of fun and knitting, if that's your thing. If not, I hope you have a summer full of whatever your "thing" is.

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Miss 376 said...

hehe, I sit and knit with my nine year old son. He doesn't seem to mind knitting in public though, he had it out the other day while we were waiting for a train